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FMD FS bulding with FMD FS truck parked in front

FMD Fabrication Services is the machining and fabrication division of the FMD Group of Companies.  This group was started in 2013 as the primary supplier for Flow Management Devices due to their need for high quality machined parts delivered on time at the right price. 

FMD Fabrication Services has since expanded its business capabilities to include other industries and currently has over 40,000 square feet of manufacturing space.  We provide precision machining, fabrication, and welding to a worldwide customer base.

The combination of our welding, fabrication, and machining capabilities provides a one-stop-shop for most of your machining and fabrication needs.  Our customer-centric approach and dedication to delivering quality parts on time makes us an excellent choice for your machining and fabrication needs.   

Learn More About the FMD Group of Companies

The FMD Group of companies was started in 2007 with Flow Management Devices, a manufacturer of Small Volume Provers. Provers verify the accuracy of flow meters.  Oil and Gas Process Solutions is the research and engineering group and also manufacturers innovative sampling and measurement systems. 

FMD Fabrication Services was started in 2013 based on FMDs, and OAGs need for high-quality precision machined parts delivered on time. All the machining and fabrication for The FMD Group is supplied by the FMD Fabrication Services Team.

 FMD Distribution and Service is the sales and service group.

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